is the world leader in Surface Protection, an Adhesive Tapes Specialist and a Coating Expert.



NOVACEL develops, manufactures and sells adhesive films for temporary surface protection in the industrial sector (building, household appliances, automotive, electronics). Application of NOVACEL film leaves the surface of materials undamaged.

NOVACEL film provides a protective barrier to contamination and damage (dirt, scratches, score marks, swarf) at every stage of the process such as bending, notching, cropping, press and roll forming, etc, handling, transport and installation.

NOVACEL has been awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001.

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MAIN TAPE specializes in the design and manufacture of plastic film for temporary surface protection applications.

MAIN TAPE provides a comprehensive product and solution offering for industrial customers based primarily in the United States but also in Mexico.

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BOSTON TAPES is the adhesive tapes specialist intended for specific industrial uses. In particular BOSTON TAPES makes repulpable splicing tapes, double-sided and electrical tapes, bag tapes, handle tapes and freezer tapes.

BOSTON TAPES has been awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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TROY LAMINATING & COATING is a coating expert, manufacturing release products, dry gum adhesive products and apparel transfer.

TROY LAMINATING & COATING is also the manufacturing site for Novacel Inc. paper and film products for distribution in North America.

In addition, TROY LAMINATING & COATING operates the mid-west service center for the north-american market.

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A cutting edge industrial machinery to meet all of your expectations.


Tailored machines for lamination,
coating & converting

WALCO has been the industrial “standard” for laminating, coating and converting systems since 1949. With over 10,700 systems world-wide, Walco’s heritage of robust, safe, simple-to-use and world-class systems is legendary.

Even if you don’t know Walco yet, we ‘d love the privilege of showing you what Walco can do to enhance your production. Walco also provides strong global onsite installation supervision, troubleshooting and after sales support.


Leader in rollers machinery for glue application

OMMA is a global manufacturer of rollers machinery operating over 50 years with preeminent export vocation.

Production includes high-end quality equipment with standard and customized construction; OMMA with its know-how, design, realize, install and assist Customer world-wide together with an efficient after sale-service.

OMMA production cover equipment for rollers glue application – water-dispersion, polyurethane and hot-melt adhesives, laminators for application of temporarily protective foils, permanent decoration, calenders, surface cleaning stations, slitting machineries for material on roll and complete laminating line for customized process as automatic loading/unloading units, belt or roll transport systems, turning device and automatic assembling systems.

OMMA cover different industry markets as construction, wood, steel, plastic, glass, automotive and graphic.


Leader in laminators manufacturing for temporary protective films

SOMERRA is a leading manufacturer of laminators for temporary protective films for all types of surfaces such as aluminum, stainless steels, profiles, plastics, laminates, glass…

In constant search of innovative solutions, Somerra designs manual, semi-automatic or fully automated machines with options such as double-sided film coating, automatic cutting, conveying and palletizing of products, but also films co-bonding during process or the film application with overflow.